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Here you can find more resources about the treaties, including curriculum units and our set of Treaties Trading Cards.

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Intro to the Treaties

Curriculum Units about the Treaties


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  • DeJong, D. H. (2015). American Indian treaties: A guide to ratified and unratified colonial, United States, state, foreign, and intertribal treaties and agreements, 1607-1911. Salt Lake City: Univ. of Utah Press. (2015) (DeJong, a graduate student assistant on Deloria’s project, notes this volume provides complete bibliographic citations.)
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  • Prucha, F. P. (1997). American Indian treaties : the history of a political anomaly. Berkeley: University of California Press. (Focuses on the Ratified Indian Treaties series)

Treaties in the News

  • Recent News on Treaties from Turtle Talk: The leading blog on legal issues in Indian Country
  • “American Indian treaties before the courts”: University of Nebraska Lincoln Treaties Portal, last section

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